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Proud Big Sister
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Our Vision

A safer world through passionate innovation.

We have a relentless focus on those we want to help.

So we deploy unparalleled expertise and experience to joyfully innovate ways of keeping people safer than ever.

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Our Special Sauce

Deep empathy towards the people who benefit from what we do.


Extraordinary pride in everything we accomplish.

Commitment to being the very best of the best.

Dedication to one another and the mission.




Listening to our customers is job one.

Doing better at job one is pretty much the rest of the job.

We practice a constant ear-to-business intelligence.

100+ years of specialized capabilities for end-to-end product development is what makes us mission-critical to our customers. We never stop dipping into that well. It's a seamless customer experience in action.

To us, patents are like trophies. Our team has over 200 of them for products that dominate the market. And we’re just getting started. We take the no out of innovation.

In The News

March 7, 2023

...Shield Manufacturing, LLC has acquired EBW Cares Distributors Inc. in a deal to Revolutionize Healthcare Product Innovation & Manufacturing Led by Women in America. Shield, led by Founder & CEO Alison Bagwell, and consisting some of the world's leading experts in PPE design, development and manufacturing acquired one of the fastest-growing companies in America, EBW Cares Distributors Inc., led by Ingrid Vanderveldt, and are both owned and operated by women. With Shield's expertise in technology, engineering and product development and EBW Cares Distributors expertise in sales, marketing and financing capabilities - will not doubt drive innovation and create high-quality healthcare products in America.

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